Personal and Professional Compass

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Once in a while everyone needs a helping hand. Someone to help you see things from a different perspective. A coach who will point out the effects of your behavior, your strengths or maybe your ‘awkward’ communication. Someone to help you reflect and to make you act, instead of only think about what you would like to do or change. Someone who knows what you are talking about from experience.

For whom this program is
This personal development program is for anyone who wants to work on personal and professional growth:

  • For the ones who believe they can get more out of their (professional) life.
  • For a business owner who needs to reflect or the manager who wants to get more out of her employees.
  • For the women who would like to make a next step, but need a hand in finding out in what direction.
  • For whom work has become an obligation, too much of a habit and without personal purpose.
  • The woman who is struggling to find a good balance between personal development/time and taking care of a family.
  • Self-conscious women who want to get the most out of life but do not know whether they are on the right track.

Participants to this program:

  • take the opportunity to specify their ‘personal goals’ and therefore their direction in business and/or life;
  • put together a personal SWOT and will be able to see their full potential;
  • will get a clear view on their behavior, motivators, personal style and communication;
  • will start acting upon their plan with new energy and more self-confidence.
    Therefore they will get more out of daily life and work.

What is our style?
We are authentic, specific in our communication, creative, humorous, inspiring and foremost confrontational. In a critical but respectful way we get people ready to ‘make a move’. Based on expertise and knowledge of human behavior we give people a (little) push in the right direction.

Please contact us for or more information.


About WorkwithWomen

WorkwithWomen (as well as WerkmetjeGezin) is an initiative of Patricia Handels. Patricia has a master in international economics since 1998. She has worked for 10 years in marketing & sales in the financial industry in Europe. For almost 4 years now, she has been working as a consultant and coach in talent management. She has worked for different companies and with both female and male clients. Female leadership in organisations has had her special attention for years and has become her specialty.
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