About the partners

WorkwithWomen was initiated by Patricia Handels. Patricia was born in the south of the Netherlands. She got her bachelor in International Business Administration and a master in International Economics in Utrecht in 1998. She worked for international companies, abroad as well as in the Netherlands, like STN International, Sara Lee, Rabobank and ING. In 2012 a (childhood) dream came true when she and her family moved to Asia to look for adventure.

Since 2009 she has been an associated consultant for Equilibre. Equilibre was founded in 1999. Managing partners are Armand Salomon and Ties Veldman. Equilibre offers services in executive search, talent development and career planning.

Our values are to always:

  • be open minded with the courage to be outspoken
  • look for a ‘win-win’ and synergy
  • energize ourselves and others,
  • look for the edges of the possible
  • to execute and perform
  • reflect on(our) personal behavior and be able to make changes
  • add value to our clients and colleagues
  • work on our personal balance (overall equilibrium)

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