WorkwithWomen provides professionals and organizations a boost on their path to growth; personal and career wise. It is our specialty to define where growth and development of professionals and their employers coincide and to enable teams to work optimal. We enable people and organizations in reaching the highest possible result, together! We know how to use diversity as a strength. We build bridges between differing values and cultures, communication and way of working. We have a strong vision on how to keep talented women on board and will help both women and their employers to do so.

WorkwithWomen is an initiative of Patricia Handels. Patricia has a master in international economics. She has worked for 10 years in marketing & sales in the financial industry in Europe. For almost 8 years now, she has been working as a consultant and coach in talent and organizational development. She has worked for various companies in different sectors; large, mid- and small cap, commercial, governemental, in education. Female leadership in organisations has had her attention for years and has become her specialty. It is her mission to inspire and support professional women in realizing their dreams and ambitions and to build bridges between male and female values, communication and way of working.

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