Professional Women’s Meeting

It is important to share experiences and learn from eachother. Having a good network is essential to your professional succes. As a woman you are particularly capable to share your and enjoying other people’s grow and succes. Use this capability to your benefit because you will get lots in return, at the spot, or in good time.

Together with &samhoud Asia, we organise network meetings. It is our goal to connect, inspire and empower professional women who are passionate about reaching personal breakthroughs.

Share your experience with like minded women and register for the professional women’s network! We invite you to like WorkwithWomen on facebook to discuss about relevant topics. Bout four times a year we will organise a WorkwithWomen Live to really connect.

“Experience is what you get when you did not get what you wanted.” (Randy Pauch, 2008, p.148)

Please register for the WorkwithWomen network here below:


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